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The artist, Bruno Müller-Meyer has let the natural wonders of Switzerland inspire him to craft unique works of art.



Size: 110cm x 200cm
100% Twill Silk

Eiger Monch & Jungfrau


Size: 110cm x 200cm
100% Twill Silk



Size: 110cm x 200cm
100% Twill Silk

Swiss Art on Silk

Bruno Müller-Meyer's outstanding works "Pilatus," "Matterhorn," and "Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau" are now available as digital art prints on luxurious silk scarves. The motifs of Müller-Meyer are printed on scarves of premium quality twill silk and are presented in stylish packaging, which also includes information about the artist and the mountain depicted. These elegant silk scarves are a fantastic accessory for anyone who is enchanted by Swiss alpine landscapes.

The Artist


Bruno Müller-Meyer, 1952: born in Lucerne, 1974-75: world tour as portrait painter, 1976: Ecole des Beaux Art in Geneva, 1977-82: studies in German philology, philosophy and art history at the University of Zurich, 1984: PhD with a work about early Romanticism, 1989: Cofounder of the art gallery of Lucerne, 1995-1999: Lecturer in Philosophy and Art Theory at the an HGK Lucerne, still lives and works in Lucerne and St.Niklausen. www.muellermeyer.ch